Monday, July 30, 2007

Buy or Sell Advertising

There are various ways of generating more traffic to your site, some which is free, some which is almost "free" (you have to spend time) and some you pay for. I have published a post How to build traffic to your site which contains valuable tips on driving traffic to your site. Among the tips is getting your site listed in directories of which one of the most important is DMOZ (Google Directory is taken from DMOZ and many search engines uses information from DMOZ. DMOZ is also referred to as the Open Directory Project). One of my site was lucky to be included in DMOZ because it caught the attention of a DMOZ editor who found it informative. You can read about it at DMOZ, the most important directory, and Blogger Tips and Tricks got listed without even submitting. One reason why getting your site listed in DMOZ is once your site is listed, it gets a link from 2 authority sites - DMOZ and Google Directory.

You can also buy advertising to help promote your site and one of the place you can do that is Website Advertising. For advertisers, you can get more information from Advertising Services.

If you happened to be a publisher, you can also offer to sell ads on your sites and get some income to offset your domain renewal and hosting fees plus your efforts at maintaining the sites, etc.


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